Dear Automotive Truck dealer, our framing system is sold by sign resellers, like sign shops, however any business entity that resells our frames qualifies to become a dealer. We have lots more information on our regular dealer website. Click Here to go there.

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Shown below is a very important part of any truck used for business:  THE SIGNS  -
Become our newest Dealer for our USA Patented Billboarder Banner Framing System. Turns any Box Truck, Tractor Trailer or wall into a Billboard without Gluing anything to the truck and about one third the cost.

Instead of gluing Expensive Graphics to the truck, our framing system stretches inexpensive banners so tight they look like they’re painted on. Advertisements are easily interchangeable and cost only a few hundred dollars. Compare that to the traditional glue-on method, which cost thousands initially, and each time you change the advertisement, removal of glued on graphics is tedious and expensive!

Become our newest Billboarder Banner Framing System dealer, it costs you nothing. This will allow you to offer your Potential Truck Buyer this innovative patented framing system, including Artwork and Banners, as part of their deal, at very little cost to you and far less then going down 1 or 2 Thousand on the price of a Truck!
Example: A 5’ x 11’ foot framing system (for both sides of the truck) complete with Banner Design (the artwork as your customer would like it), and Banner Printing only cost you $399. Shipping is Free, this package Retails for $800!
You can make money with this item or use it as the greatest truck-selling tool ever!

You don’t have to be a great psychologist to realize that when your customer visualizes his advertisements already on the truck, he starts visualizing the truck that you’re showing as “His Truck” This takes him a giant step towards saying “I’ll take the truck”!

This is a far more powerful selling tool then going down a thousand or two on the price on a $10,000 to $35,000 truck.

If your potential customer is going other places to scope out other truck offers, he’ll remember that you’re the only one offering him a signage system with his truck decked out with his own Business Advertisement when he comes to pick it up, as part of the deal.

He visualizes the truck with his Business name on it, he visualizes the truck as his truck!

He buys the truck on the spot in most cases when you offer your potential truck buyer a truck with his business advertisement on it.

Getting his signs on the truck is easy You tell your customer to call us for free designing or we can work from their file if they have one. We create your customers banners and ship them along with the frames to you. This only takes one or two days. Your customer can pick up their truck after you have installed the frames and banners or they can bring the truck back for installation. Any handyman can install in a few hours!

Call us at (619) 644-2332 and say you want to be our newest…, USA Patented Billboarder Banner Framing System Dealer And we’ll send your Free Dealer Sample Package right out to you! It’s all free even the shipping! (619) 644-2332

PS. About your Truck Dealership’s SIGNAGE: Thousands of cars and trucks CONTAINING POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS pass by your truck lot every day. Park one of your trucks right next to the road, installed with your company’s billboard ads attached. It will not only attract truck-buying customers, it will also serve as a great

sample of the USA Patented…
…Billboarder Banner Framing System.

Call up and order a Billboarder Banner Framing System for your Truck Dealership’s Roadside Advertisement. Note: For roadside display on the stationary truck you really only need one side, so your 5’ x 11’ truck dealership advertisement complete with framing, artwork, and banner, only runs $199! Shipping is free!

But most importantly please become a Dealer, you will soon see that offering this free banner framing system with their banner advertisement is a powerful, psychological, deal-closing tool!

Pick up the phone right now and call me. (619) 644-2332
I’ll register you as a dealer and send your free sample kit right out to you!

Thanks much
Jay Markoff
President of
And the inventor of the
Billboarder Banner Framing System
USA Patent Number 8.096.070