Send out the Re- Mail Email You Will get Orders for Our Framing Systems
Let all you customers know That you are a DEALER 
for the Billboarder Banner Framing System
and remind them, that you are there for all of their SIGNAGE NEEDS!
And you do both those things when you All in one simple to E-Mail  (See below dotted line) that you E-Mail to All of Your Customers
that you have Email addresses for.  
We call it

With our Billboarder  BANNER Framing System, You can now offer this same large graphic result for the truck, as a Glued on wrap job, BIG ADVERTISEMENTS only at a fraction of the cost, OF GLUE ON ADS which leaves them with nothing but old ads to scrape off and thousands of dollars to pay for the new ads. With the Billboarder System al they need is two new Banners for3 to 5 hundred dollars not 2 or thee thousand like with glue on to change advertisements!

Of course this all depends on Your Customers ever finding out that you’re are now an Authorized Dealer for this Fantastic, Money Saving, far Superior BILLBOARDER BANNER Framing system!


NOTICE: Below the dotted line, we have created a “RE-MAIL E-MAIL”  An Informative Message for you to send to all of your customers.

The E-Mail you send contains a link to a short VIEDO (see below), which tells Your Customer all the Advantages over Gluing, like way lower pricing (no where near the cost) AND a forever E-Z changeable banner Framing System. Click on the Video link below, and watch the video yourself, before you send it to your customers and you will find out that there is no way for your customer to reach us on the video (NO NAMES OR PHONE #S of ours just yours). 

The Re-Mail E-Mail that you send to your customers contains your information ONLY, so they can only reach you after watching the VIDEO!

Sending your customers the Email  below is easy, Simply highlight everything below the dotted line and copy and paste that message into your outgoing E-Mail sending program.

But before you send….

Just fill out the form below, and the remail email written below the dotted lines will automatically be edited, with…

1.Your Company Name  (right at the start of the letter after the word Dear

2. At the end of the letter and right after  Thanks much, Your Name Your company Name and Telephone #

Then load up your customer E-Mail list in you mail send out program and send this message out to everyone of your customers that you have an email address for. 

If you need any technical help E-Mailing this very important message to your customers or any other Help or questions, Please call us at (619) 644-2332 

This one simple and easy to do marketing method “sending out this pre-done E-Mail” makes the difference between our inactive slow selling dealers and our highly successful, always getting orders for Frames, 

Our Successful dealers are the ones who regularly send the Re Mail E-Mail Out to their customers.

After all customers, in need of Large Ads for their Box Trucks, Trailers and Walls, can’t be expected to buy, Banner Framing Systems from you, if they Don’t even know about it!

So Please, Please, Please, Send Out The Re-Mail E-mail!

Thanks Much,
 Jay Markoff
President of Wide4ma
and the Inventor of the Billboarder Banner Framing system

So fill out the form below and the E-Mail that you send to all your customers will be Correctly EDITED to have: Your Company Name (will appear right after the word Dear and before the word Customer)
Your Name, (will appear right after Thanks Much, at the end your Re-Mail letter along with your Company Name Name so please fill out the form below, everything will be edited correctly and all you’ll have to do is copy and paste the edited email below into your mail program. This will bring your business we guarantee it!
The Email you send is right below the Dotted line below. Make sure you provide the needed editing info and then press the edit button and your remail (below) will be all done for you to copy and paste into your email.


Remail Template

Dear Your Company Name Goes Here Customer

We are so pleased to announce that we are an Authorized Dealer for the USA Patented Billboarder Banner Framing system!

If you have a Box-Truck, Tractor Trailer or Wall, that you’d like to put large graphics on, there is no longer any need to pay a fortune to have big advertisements put on those billboard-like sides of your truck or wall.

This USA Patented BILLBOARDER BANNER Framing invention, has many advantages: Way lower price (Not even close to the cost of a Glued on application, call me for a super low price quote).

And when it comes time to change your ad, you just replace the advertisements with relatively inexpensive BANNERS, this Patented Framing System makes it easy to change your Advertisements, because there is no glued-on mess to scrape off, just remove the capping plate and the BANNER drops down and the framing system is now ready to receive the new BANNER Advertisements!,

which are way less expensive than glued on graphics again (a few hundred versus thousands).

Just click on the link below to watch this informative VIDEO about the Billboarder BANNER Framing system.

Then after you watch the VIDEO, call me for a super low price quote!

Click here to watch The Video

Thanks much,

Your name Goes Here

Your company Name Goes Here

Your Phone # Goes Here