More Samples

If you have already signed up as an Authorized Billboarder Banner Framing System Dealer, you can order additional board samples to hang in your shop.

To order, please contact us at: (619) 644-2332 or send email.

Make this Wall Display, with the samples we have sent you. Thumbtack the poster that was sent, to the wall and then attach the sample frame as shown below.
Your Customer can then remove the capping plate and see how the frame tightens and traps the banner between the USA Patented capping plate and compression rubber gasket.


The photo below is our 4′ x 2′  Showroom Wall Sample Display. It Will Produce Sales as well as providing you with installation experience.
The frame for this display consumes two 8′ sections at $48 each = regularly $96 But Wait!…
…Our Special Dealer Display Price is  Only $39 and we pay the shipping! Price includes: Small How-It-Works-Try-Me sample as shown below the display, and is part of the display.
The display also includes the file for you to print the banner if you want to us to print the banner and include it in your shipment, add $10. Shipping is Always Free.
Any monies you spend to purchase this display, will be subtracted from your next order, which makes this display Virtually Free.


We also have this Hardboard sample that we can send to you. Only pay $20 for shipping.


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